Church of Scotland ministers are licensed to conduct religious wedding services in their own churches or in other locations. Our minister is registered and able to conduct same sex marriages.

You do not have to be a member of our congregation to ask to be married in our church or by our minister, however, we would encourage you to consider why you might want a Christian wedding. You need to be prepared to explore what it means to take your vows before God and what the Christian faith teaches about marriage. We acknowledge that we all need God’s blessing and guidance to keep going in our relationship together!


At present there is no set marriage preparation course but the minister will have a couple of meetings with you to discuss both the practicalities of a possible wedding service and the significance and reality of marriage. If you have been married before and are divorced the minister will want to discuss the circumstances with you.

The service itself can be personalised in discussion with the minister. Photographs and video can be taken during the service. It is possible to have a wedding rehearsal before the day of the wedding. There is no charge for the minster’s time, although if the service is elsewhere mileage may be chargeable. There is a fee for use of the building and services of the organist. Please enquire about the latest fees.

If you have approached our minister to do a wedding service in another parish area (eg a hotel or other location) or church, she will need to contact her colleague to inform/ask them as appropriate.

Please make sure you check availability with our minister before making any other arrangements if you are considering a church wedding.

It is your responsibility to go see the local Registrar to obtain a Marriage Schedule and bring it along on the day (or better still at rehearsal). Without a Marriage Schedule the marriage service cannot take place.

Service of Blessing or Renewal of Vows

If you have been married in a civil ceremony but would like to have your marriage blessed in a special church service, this is possible. Contact the minister.

If you would are considering a Renewal of Vows service, please speak to our minister.

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