Accessibility and parking



Our access ramp can be used for wheel chairs and prams.  Please ask for assistance if needed.

Wheelchair and pram access is via the left side of the church and the halls (back door). We have a lift that goes from the hall into the church vestibule. We also have a foldable wheelchair if needed. There is space for wheelchairs either at the back or the front of the sanctuary. Prams can be left down in the hall or alternatively taken up to the vestibule.

A disabled toilet is in the hall below the church.

We have a hearing aid loop available for those who require it.

Hymns and Bible texts are projected but hymn books and Bibles are available if wanted.


As our church building was built by Victorians parking cars wasn’t foremost in their thoughts and as such poses a challenge! On Sundays you can park on Kilbarchan Road or Prieston Road but please leave the pavement and the church entrance free. During the week you cannot park on Kilbarchan Road during daytime hours. There are some places through the Lychgate in front of the church which can be used during the week but beware it is not easy to get out.

If you are parking for attending an event such as a funeral, wedding or concert please consider that you may have to park further away and walk down or be dropped off by someone who can park the car elsewhere. If you have questions about parking please contact our church caretaker.

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