Not such a merry Christmas

Not such a merry Christmas

Not everyone looks forward to Christmas, and you don’t need to be a Grinch to struggle with the season to be jolly. In fact, it’s the high expectations to ‘have a good time’ which tends to make us even more miserable.

woman sad looking at fairy lightsIt might be because as families gather for Christmas, it makes us aware of who is missing at our table. Perhaps we have been bereaved, or there has been a falling out or we never had the family in the first place. As we’re bombarded with message to buy gifts and spend big on seasonal food and drink, we might know we can’t keep up with the spending spree, or it will come to haunt us in January. And even if our Christmas on the outside keeps up with expectations, on the inside we might feel stressed out and ask ourselves what is the point of this merry-go-round.

Well, the good news is that the original Christmas story does not require us to dress up and play happy. God is not interested in our pretence -Jesus came right into our humanity, into the messy, dark, seemingly pointless chaos and pain of it. He came to people living in darkness, to bring them a great light; he came to comfort those who mourn and to set free those who are tied down. He came to bring rest to the weary and burdened. He came to bring hope to the hopeless. This Christmas, you don’t need to pretend all is well – you just need to come and receive the glad tidings in the depths of your soul. This Christmas have an honest Christmas.

Come as you are, to receive and adore him.


first appeared in The Lych Gate December 2018


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