All Join In

All join in …

When my kids were small they used to love a hilarious rhyming book by Quentin Blake, called ‘All Join In’. One of the rhymes describes how a large extended family do all sorts of things together, including baking a chocolate fudge banana cake – you really need to see the pictures to see how that works out! Suffice to say it is a joy filled, though rather messy affair.

You may not readily think of church as a place to join in, or in fact as a joy-filled or messy affair. I can assure you that when you do join in it will turn out to be both joy-filled and messy at times. Although anyone is welcome to just turn up and observe – our services are public and open – there is always the invitation to join in more deeply. The point of singing and praying together is just that – an act of opening oneself up to God and one another. We are not an ‘audience’ that have come to listen or be entertained, we are participants in worship. In fact, the Christian story, and the story of the Bible is one of joining in; we’re not just asked to listen or agree with some ideas or principles, we’re being invited into the story that God is writing throughout history. At Christmas time the surprise we celebrate is that God himself steps into the human story by becoming one of us. Jesus fulfils the many strands of the Old Testament stories and yet sets history on a surprising new course. Jesus opens that story up for the whole world to join in with. It’s a story of light shining in the darkness and faith, hope and love enduring to the end. You are invited to join with this story. Come and find out how it turns out!

Rev Hanneke Marshall

P.S.: You are invited to join in with our Instant Nativity, dressed up if you fancy! St Machar’s Ranfurly Church, Sunday 23rd December 10:30 am.



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