A place for remembering

A place for remembering

Why would you come to a church service? Clearly in this day and age going to church is not a very wide spread regular custom anymore. There are plenty of other things to do on a Sunday and most of our weeks are so hectic that when Sunday comes round we sigh a breath of relief for a chance to have a rest or do something unscripted.

Are there any good reasons to come to church however? Have we collectively and personally lost something by giving up on regular church attendance? Some people would argue that we can have faith and relate to God anywhere – that we don’t need church for that.

I’d be the first to admit there are lots of reasons not to come to church, but I do think there are stronger reasons to go and over the following months I would like to highlight different reasons for doing so.

Since this month is November, I will kick off by stating that church is a good place for remembering. November sees Remembrance Day and Sunday services. We collectively remember those who have died in past and present conflicts to protect the freedom of others. It makes us appreciate the liberties we have today.

Some churches also have special services to remember those who died during the past year. We remember our loved ones and give thanks to God for their lives. We consider how our present lives might be lived in a way that honours them.

Church can (become) a place where our lives and our past are held together. A place where we intentionally remember the past with a view to the future. In church we read Bible stories and of course they are ‘old stories’, but we read and explore them time and again to understand the present and the future better.

We are invited to remind ourselves of who God is, what Jesus taught and did for us and where our own lives fit in God’s plans for the future.

Our busy world does not provide many stopping places to remember the past with a view to shaping the future. You are welcome to explore a local church as a place for remembering!


Rev Hanneke Marshall






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