A place for hope

A place for hope

Easter is the key event in the Christian year, but do you know or could you say why? Most of us are happy that the days are getting longer, nature is springing back to life and temperatures are slowly rising (well, trying to rise). However, Easter is not just an annual excuse for eating excessive amounts of chocolate and celebrating spring, enjoyable though that is.

The reason that Christians around the world celebrate Easter is because the first Easter day, reminds them there is hope in a dark world. Christians believe that after a very dark series of events where Jesus of Nazareth was betrayed, arrested, put through an unfair trial, tortured, and finally killed on a cross, a Roman instrument of execution, he was raised to new life after 3 days in the grave.

Jesus’ resurrection from the dead means that death does not have the last word – it is an enemy defeated. The Bible promises that those who died with Christ will be raised with Christ to the life of the age to come.

Jesus’ resurrection also means that his teaching and his ministry, his claim to be the Saviour and King of Israel and of the world, was vindicated. As such he has a claim over all of our lives.

And finally his resurrection means that he is still alive today and present with us through his Holy Spirit.

So what was a very dark moment in history, where evil did its worst on a truly good and innocent man, was turned into a victory over evil and darkness. The resurrection of Jesus Christ means there is hope for a world full of darkness and death. Why not come to church this Easter to celebrate this hope and new life and explore and experience it for yourself?


Rev Hanneke Marshall

Minister of St Machar’s Ranfurly Church, Bridge of Weir.


01505 612975

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