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As I did not grow up in Scotland I can’t know exactly how people have experienced church and Sunday school in the past. However, it seems to me, that those that have had a (historical) experience of church and faith some decades ago, don’t feel that it is appropriate to ask critical questions or perhaps express doubts. The structure of traditional church services and perhaps historically also of Sunday school lessons does not allow for an awful lot of interaction and discussion. Hence questions go unasked and doubts are kept to oneself. Faith, we might think, should be something solid and unwavering, so anything less is not a good thing.

However, this kind of ‘all in or all out’ approach to religious faith might have led us to drift away from church and Christian faith as it does not feel like it can address our present day concerns.

I’m always sad when I get the impression that people feel that church is not for asking questions or expressing doubts. I would like more people of my own generation (40s) as well as older and younger to know that actually in most churches there is space to explore your questions, and even express your doubts. This may be in discussion or study groups, or even in more interactive moments in or after church services. All in all, I tend to find it opens the way to a more integrated and deeper faith as well as understanding.

This is not a new concept; we find it in many places in the Bible people who struggle with their understanding and experience of God and the world. Through expressing these struggles, often in conversations with God and with tradition, faith in a living and present God is rediscovered and life can once more be lived with hope.

Why don’t you (re)commence your own exploration of life, faith and God? Our Exploring the God Question might be of interest to you, it’s being held Wednesday nights in the Bridge Community Centre 7:30-9pm (22/01, 29/01, 19/02, 26/02, 18/03, 25/03). Questions are allowed!


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